Look the Man Has One Leg!

book summary

Every person can make a difference if they only set their hearts to it and influence others. To William Dalmas, his way of doing it is to craft interesting stories. He wants to reach out to the little ones in his book to give them valuable lessons because at a young age it's crucial to develop their personality and experience.

Young readers are in for a surprise when he narrates a unique story in Mommy Mommy: Look the Man Has One Leg. Through the novel, the author expands their views and successfully shows them important values, especially when dealing with people with disabilities or special needs. This book is therefore a great read for children with their families, and even in school. Kids at a very young age can be quite inquisitive and interested. It is therefore the perfect time to teach them important social protocols and manners, and to mold them into understanding, uprightness, and acceptance of the differences of all. He hopes, with his book, to instill these morals into their hearts and minds for them to practice and keep growing up.

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