Significant Things that Every Book Should Possess

You may already know by now — or not yet, how great the power that books possess. But have you ever wondered how big the impact that every novel creates on its readers? A book made up of one story, hundreds of pages, and thousands of words can leave a huge mark on the lives of its patrons that can last long, even until their lifetime. That, my friend, is how great books can become. It is more than ink and paper, because it is an inspiration and teacher.

Literature is already considered as a good source of learning. But it doesn’t only talk about books, but also about writing. These two always come together, because one cannot exist without the other. Have you ever wondered about the important aspects that books contain? If the thought have ever crossed your mind, then here are the crucial things that every book must have.

Well-versed plot

Can you think of a story that doesn’t have a plot? No, because the plot is the most crucial element of a story. Without it, your piece cannot be considered as a tale. A book that has a well-versed plot is always what readers look out for. No one would want to read a story that has a lot of plot holes and has a predictable plot. It would eliminate the excitement from the readers and will be replaced with disappointment. Hence, ensure that your book — regardless of the genre, has a sequence of events that is well-tailored and well-told. In that way, you can keep your patrons and even expand your reader base.

Consistent tone and style

Your style and tone are what define you as a writer. They are the main reason, apart from your story, why readers keep coming back to you. They serve as your trademark. Readers can always tell who the particular writer is based from the way the story is written with the help of the other elements, like the characters. With that being said, always write your tales using a relevant and consistent tone and style. When your books are intended for children, they should be fun and easy to read but with a substantial message; so, use a tone that is captivating enough to level the interest of kids. But regardless of the genre, bottom line is own your tone and style.

Impactful theme

A book always contains a central message. The theme is the element that strengthens the attachment of the reader to the story. It is what moves the readers the most. The themes of each book vary depending on its genre. Also, the weight of the central message gets heavier as the readers gets older. Take for example the children’s book Mommy Mommy Look the Man Has No Leg by William Dalmas about discrimination and disability, it centers on kindness and understanding. On the other hand, the young adult fiction book All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven centers on grief, death, and living in the moment. Hence, always be keen on how you tell your message to the readers.

Developed characters

Well-developed characters result to a well-progressed story. Characters are as important as plots; there will be no story improvement without characters. It is because of the fact that it is the element that moves the tale forward. Readers always fancy characters that show great room for growth and development. Just like people, characters need to mature. The enhancement of every character can be done in a step by step manner. There’s no need for a sudden major change in characteristics, talents, and abilities. It should be done slowly, because readers will be disappointed when you magic it all out.

Strong beginning and ending

When you start strong, you must also finish strong. What makes a book magnet the interest of the readers is its introduction. Believe it or not, the exposition plays a big role in setting the mood of the story. You must input a flawless and enticing narration of the basics of the tale, such as the setting and main characters. The conflict and theme will come in the middle, and their emergence depends on how you did the intro. The conclusion, on the other hand, also needs to be solid and impacting. Ensure that the conflict is already resolved when you reach this part. In order to finish strong, you must create a twist that nobody saw coming or put an element that will melt the hearts of the readers.

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