Writing Books That Can Transform People

Books are a powerful thing. They have the ability to transform people. They can change or improve the way people think, feel, and behave by merely using words and ideas. Mommy Mommy: Look the Man Has One Leg by William Dalmas is a great example of a book that can do precisely this. It is an interesting book that teaches both children and adults about the importance of observing social protocols and manners, especially when dealing with certain groups of people. Particularly, Mommy Mommy: Look the Man Has One Leg aims to transform the way children and adults see and interact with people who have disabilities or social needs. It molds them into understanding and accepting the differences of all. Taking an inspiration from this literary masterpiece by William Dalmas, below are some helpful pieces of advice on writing books that can transform people.

Plan your books well

Before you begin writing words on a blank page, you need to ask yourself first, “What do I want to achieve with my book? Where should I focus my book on? How should I go about in writing this book?” In other words, you need to plan your book first before you begin your writing process. Planning your books allows you to write more clearly and consistently. Planning straightens the trajectory of your books. When you already have goals and plans beforehand, you would find it much easier to write your books according to how you want them to be written. To write books that can transform people, you need to be a clear, consistent, and organized author.

Know how you want to transform people

Part of planning your books well is determining how you want to transform people through your literary works. Basically, this means that you need to identify who are the people you want to read your books and what impact you want to have on them. If your target readers are children and teens, then you need to write books that you believe can change the way young people in general think and behave. Mommy Mommy: Look the Man Has One Leg, for example, focuses on transforming the way young readers view and deal with people who have disabilities and special needs. To put things simply, you, as an author, should be specific about how you want to help or change others.

Write as if you are talking to a friend

To write a book that can transform people, you must be an effective author. One of the best ways to ensure that you are being effective as an author is to write as if you are only talking to a friend. This means that your writing should manifest comfort and credibility. You should seem credible and knowledgeable enough on your chosen theme or issue. More so, your readers should be able to feel comfortable and understood when reading your books. Do not be too preachy when you write. Instead, befriend your readers as much as possible. You need to make them feel that they can trust whatever it is that you are trying to teach or tell them.

Be passionate about what you are writing

Passion is always the key to creating something great. The same thing goes when you want to write books that can have a long-lasting impact on people. To produce these kinds of literary works, you need to be passionate about what you are writing. Passion makes you want to give your 100% best. More importantly, it allows you to have the purest intentions as an author. If you are passionate about what you are writing, you would find it much easier to achieve your ultimate literary goal – to produce books that can transform perceptions, emotions, and behaviors.

Overall, books are indeed a powerful tool for transforming people. Books may only contain words and images, but they are mighty enough to change the way people think, feel, and behave. To write books like William Dalmas’ Mommy Mommy: Look the Man Has One Leg, you need to be an organized, goal-oriented, good-natured, and passionate author. Transforming your readers for the better should be your ultimate goal, intention, and passion when you are writing your books. Writing books that can transform people is fundamentally a fulfilling thing to do.

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